I See the Colors

I decided to draw a silhouette of a woman who’s looking out to the world, for the first time, seeing the beautiful colors around her that are starting to enwrap this black and white world. The book has many themes of not being seen and not being acknowledged and I closely acquitted the themes to the phrase “I don’t see color.” This phrase does so much more harm than people realize because our world is not black and white, and if someone states they don’t see color, it shows they can’t place, find, and acknowledge the greys in between. My piece is showing this woman who is seeing the colors of the world that she’s never seen before; the blacks, whites, reds, blues, purples and it’s beautiful and disgusting. She is seeing the harm and loss, but she’s are also seeing the beauty and hope. She is not shown to be sad or happy to see these, but she is present in the moment. She knows where she is, who she is, and who she wants to become.

About the Artist

I’m a first-year double major in Theatre Performance and Business. I am half Mexican and half caucasian with my skin tone being on the lighter side. I’ve always been aware of the privilege and advantages I have over some of my family members because of my white-passing appearance, and I want to use that privilege to help spread information and protect them from a system that will not.