Who Am I

I wanted to take this poem to focus on the ambiguity I live my life with. Throughout all things I have noticed my nature leads me to never take a firm stance on my ideals. I’m using this poem as a benchmark for myself in the past, as I grow older I want to become more affirmative in my nature, being able to answer bigger questions and establish myself as a knowledgeable and well rounded individual. Open discussion classes like key help me realize how important it is to be confident and informed on important topics. I want to be able to apply the methods of learning which I gained from these discussions. This piece serves less as a “how can I reflect on my past in order to look forward to the future” I’m a firm believer in no regrets but rather looking at my ‘failures’ as ways to learn what to improve on. So as I reflect on the themes of the ever changing path of life in this poem I attempt to use history to change not only my future for the better, but the community I’m beginning to find here in foco. I want to be able to stand firmly in a community that looks forward to the future with grit and inspiration, while keeping its inclusivity for people of all walks of life. My art piece is trying to pull at the abstract concept of ones self, and being able to be more definitive in it so that I can better understand the nuances of the multicultural society I live in now.

About the Artist

Hi, I’m McKennon J. Wiles

Imma first year student from Portland Oregon and a lot of the stuff as described in this piece try to focus less directly on the race issues and topics discussed in citizen but rather how I have developed over time to become the activist I am now. Over the summer and the past few months I have been doing my best to donate and participate in many of the BLM protests on top of staying in discussion on racial injustice in America. Although it is something I personally believe I don’t invest enough time on, this poem serves on me reflecting on subjects like this and attempting to improve myself in being more active. For example even though I am a STEM major, and much of my time is taken up by my studies, I don’t want that to be an excuse for ignorance and I attempt to make my actions speak louder than my words with going to events that vocalize against these hard to talk about subjects. Anyways, I hope y’all enjoy my poem.